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  • Technaflora MagiCal 2-0-0: 1 Liter
    MagiCal 2-0-0 is a highly enriched formulated blend of Magnesium and Calcium that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth for both soil and soilless gardens, Incorporated in you...
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  • GE 27187 - LU600/T High Pressure Sodium Light
    600 watt T15 Mogul Screw (E39) Base 2,000K Clear Lucalox High Pressure Sodium HID GE Light Bulb......
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  • Compressed Coco Fiber Growing Medium 105 Gram
    Each disk is a completely renewable resource made from 100% natural recycled fibers of the coconut husk, A micro sponge effect dramatically increases the water retention of soil an...
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  • New Mylar Reflective 59" X 59" X 78" Hydroponics
    Best Choice Products Presents to you, NEW STYLE INNOVATION 59"(L) x 59"(W) x 78"(H) Approx (411 x 411 x 66) (1,5M x 1,5M x 2M) REFLECTIVE HYDROPONICS GROWING TENT, Our new and late...
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  • Book of Strains
    Professor Grow's Book of Strains is a valuable resource for Medical Marijuana patients and caregivers, Book of Strains provides important info about the 50 cannabis strains most co...
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  • General Hydroponics pH 7.0 Calibration Solution
    General Hydroponics uses the highest quality electronic meter reference solutions, Growers can use our reference solutions widely among many popular brands of meters using the NaCl...
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  • Nirvana 4L
    Nirvana is a concentrated liquid organic that you can apply to leaves or roots, It contains powerful natural bloom enhancers including vitamins, amino acids, humic acid, carbohydra...
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  • Hydrofarm FLC26D 26-Watt Dayspot Spiral Compact
    Hydrofarm flc26d 26-watt dayspot spiral compact fluorescent bulb......
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  • Advanced Nutrients Final Phase Flushing Solution
    Final Phase is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves, In various herb crops where taste and texture is important, Final P...
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  • PowerGrow Cloner - 21 Site Plant Cloning Machine
    Brand New 21-Site Power Cloning Machine, Cloning cuttings has never been easier! The PowerGrow Systems Cloning Bucket utilizes proven Aeroponic and Hydroponic technology to success...
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  • Cha Ching Soluable Fertilizer 1lb. (9-50-10)
    Cha Ching won't leave a salty residue or buildup in your hydroponic system or containerized soil plantings, It contains all the essential elements like calcium, magnesium, boron, m...
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  • Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening:
    Rodale's All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening......
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  • FoxFarm Bushdoctor Sledgehammer Gal
    Bushdoctor Sledgehammer is a unique rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer buildup and encourage water movement through soil and soilless mediums, Sledgehammer helps re...
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  • Danner Mag-Drive Supreme 5 500 GPH Water Pump
    Magnetic drive Supreme pumps are made to run continuously, without seals to wear out, Highly energy efficient, the savings pass on to the consumer, Suitable for large aquariums, p...
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  • BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light
    The BloomBoss UFO uses only 90 Watts of power and provides coverage for up to 9 square feet of growing area, The BloomBoss UFO uses the latest in LED technology to provide your pla...
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  • 15 Watt Nutri - grow Fluorescent Plant Bulb 18"
    The Coralife Nutri Grow Plant Lamp provides aquatic plants with the light energy necessary to stimulate lush growth, The lamp has a full-spectrum, high-intensity output in the appr...
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  • Humboldt Nutrients Honey Hydro Carbs - Quart
    Humboldt Honey Hydro Carbs is an excellent source of carbohydrates for all plants, It promotes and facilitates the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi in your soil or soil-less...
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  • C.A.P. NextGen Switchable 600w Digital Ballast
    The NextGen Digital Ballast will run a 400 or 600 watt bulb, With flicker-free operation, fast lamp ignition and a constant lamp voltage, they are perfect for the next generation o...
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  • 4 inch Inline Fan, 200 CFM
    Offers serious air power with quiet operation, It features sealed air/water tight housing, flexible mounting brackes and a 10' power cord, Special rubber gaskets and nuts reduce vi...
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  • 48" x 24" x 60" Reflective Mylar Hydroponics
    Unlike many competitors' models, the external material is 900D canvas, This is two to three times thicker than the average grow tent on the market today, The interior of the tent i...
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  • General Hydroponics Flora Series QT - FloraGro,
    FLORAGRO : Stimulates structural and vegetative growth, Builds strong roots, FLORABLOOM : Stimulates flower and fruit development, Enhances flavor, aroma, and essential oils, Pr...
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  • pH Tester - PH-80
    pH Meter PH-80 The PH-80 is an economically priced, reliable pH meter that is ideal for testing applications such as hydroponics & gardening, pools & spas, aquariums & reef tanks, ...
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  • Final Phase Flushing Solution - 4 Liter
    Final Phase is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves, In various herb crops where taste and texture is important, Final P...
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  • Good Earth Lighting, Inc. GLS9013-WH-I 21-1/2-Inch
    22', White, 13W, T5, Super Slim, Linking Under Cabinet Light, Plug-In, 5' Cord, On/Off Switch, Linking Cord Included, Plastic, F13T5 Bulb Included, UL Listed, Clamshell,......
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  • The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide
    The Cannabis Grow Bible fully explains both the art and science behind growing high-grade pot, Author and aficionado Greg Green blends a thorough understanding of marijuana botany ...
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  • Hoffman 12520 Organic Potting Soil, 16 Quarts
    In an organic potting soil all ingredients are organic, Ideal for repotting plants, window boxes, outdoor containers and hanging baskets, Contains a wetting agent to maintain moist...
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  • HydroOrganics Earth Juice Bloom Germination Kit,
    Elements Bloom is a high Phosphorous formula developed to help promote budding, flowering and the production of essential oils and fragrances of flowers and herbs, May also be used...
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  • New Wave T5 Fixture Only - 2', 4 Bulb
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  • Zoo Med Coral Flora Sun Plant Growth Bulb T8
    This high intensity lamp with peak emissions in the blue and red regions serves to maximize the photo biological processes in plants, The emission spectrum closely resembles the ab...
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  • Advanced Nutrient Nirvana 10 Liter 10L Bloom
    Nirvana 100% Organic Bloom Biostimulant Nirvana is a concentrated liquid organic that you can apply to leaves or roots, It contains powerful natural bloom enhancers from land, sea ...
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  • Aube TI032-3W/U 7-Day Programmable Timer Switch,
    Programmable timer switch turns lights on and off in up to 7 different sequenes, Don't come home to a dark house, Program your lights to turn on automatically at specific times wit...
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  • Milwaukee Instruments AG900 Ph/EC/TDS Meter Kit
    The Milwaukee AG900 is a complete testing kit that includes all you need to produce accurate reading for 3 of th most important levels in your plant production, pH, EC (Electrical ...
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