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  • Hudson 99598 Electric Fog Atomizer Sprayer Outdoor
    For home, lawn and garden rely on Hudson sprayers to protect against insects, weeds and plant diseases, We also make life easier with sprayers for wood deck maintenance, removing w...
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  • Olivia's Cloning Solution Gallon
    This cloning solution is a nutrient & propagation liquid that promotes vigorous growth & rapid root development for all types of plants, flowers, fruits & vegetables, Mixing ratio ...
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  • Black Gold Potting Soil 16 Quarts
    100% organic, this ideal container soil is rich in earthworm castings, Canadian sphagnum peat moss and pumice, It retains even moisture, is very aerated and is rich in micronutrien...
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  • General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit - Organic
    GO BOX STARTER KIT 16oz BioThrive Grow BioThrive Grow provides plants with essential nutrients for roots, stems, and foliage, Conceived from plant and mineral extracts, the pure a...
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  • Grandma Enggy's Fulvic Acid 1 liter
    Grandma Enggy is a tough, elderly, successful farmer lady who has years of experience and four generations of farming heritage behind her, and that 's why her plant growth products...
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  • Virtual Sun VSD600DS 600 Watt Dimmable HPS MH
    The Virtual Sun Hood features an innovative cooling system where air passes directly over the lamp for maximum in-line air cooling, The housing features 6" fittings and a 95% refle...
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  • Worm Factory COIR650G5 Coconut Coir Growing Medium
    Coir (from Malayalam kayar, cord) is the coarse fibers extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut, Coir is a 100% natural and renewable resource, It has spongy characteris...
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  • BloomBoss UFO LED Grow Light
    The BloomBoss UFO uses only 90 Watts of power and provides coverage for up to 9 square feet of growing area, The BloomBoss UFO uses the latest in LED technology to provide your pla...
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  • Rootech Cloning Gel 7g
    Rootech Cloning Gel is an exceptional and unique recipe containing a powerful hormone especially formulated to promote rapid, healthy root development during vegetative propagation...
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  • Sun Blaze T5 24 - 2 ft. -4 Lamp - Includes 6500deg
    8,000 lumens Sun Blaze 24 Dimensions : 23-1/4 in, X 6-1/4 in, X 2-1/2 in,Advanced reflector design offers excellent reflectivity & diffusion, White powder coated steel housing, Wi...
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  • Hydrofarm SBC400 400-Watt HPS/MH Sunburst Convertible
    Hydrofarm sbc400 400-watt hps/mh sunburst convertible unit......
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  • Syringe 100CC/ML
    The EcoPlus 100 ml/cc syringe is a clean and accurate alternative to pouring liquids into a measuring cup or spoon, No more spills, splashing and loss of expensive nutrients, suppl...
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  • 1000w Watt HPS Grow Light Bulb High Pressure
    The iPower 1000W High Pressure Sodium Bulb lets you grow better by providing reliability and performance, By concentrating its output around 550-600nm (yellow to red) wavelength of...
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  • LED Wholesalers 2506RBOW Blue/Red/Orange/White
    Each light has 90 x 1w LEDs, 70 RED, 10 Blue, 5 Orange, 5 White red/blue/orange/white Precision red & orange LEDs from High Power Opto Precision blue & white LEDs from Bridgelux US...
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  • Advanced Nutrients Micro 4 Liter
    Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro and Bloom can be combined to provide specialized nutrients for plants in structural, foliar and blooming stages, Formulas can be custom mixed for spe...
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  • Hydroponics Mylar Grow Room Non-Toxic Hydro Cabinet
    Take total control of your plant's environment all year round with this free-standing grow tent, With an assembled footprint of 240cm x 120cm (96" x 48"), it can hold many plants, ...
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  • General Hydroponics Diamond Nectar 1Gal.
    Diamond Nectar accelerates nutrient absorption where mineral foods enter the plant, Diamond Nectar applies the chelating action of humic acids to nutrient rich hydroponic environme...
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  • LU400/MOG 400-Watt ET18 High Pressure Sodium
    400 Watt High Pressure Sodium Mogul E39 Base ET18 Clear......
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  • Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light
    The 4 ft wide Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants, The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% mor...
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  • Steripen Journey Safe Water System One Size
    DECENT FEATURES of the Steripen Journey Safe Water System All-in-one drinking water treatment system that eliminates waterborne illnesses Built around the SteriPen Journey LCD hand...
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  • Hydrofarm CKTRAY 10-Inch by 20-Inch Cut Kit Tray
    Hydrofarm cktray 10-inch by 20-inch cut kit tray......
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  • Organic Gardening: Tips For Every Season Of The
    Amazon Best Seller : OrganicBook DescriptionOrganic Gardening : Tips For Every Season Of The Year is a quick guide to help prospective organic gardeners set up and maintain your ...
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  • General Hydroponics PH Down Qt. - ACID
    pH Down - Acid is formulated using food grade Phosphoric acid - pure plant nutrient, Just add a little at a time if your nutrient pH is too high and this will lower the pH to withi...
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  • Hanna Instruments HI 98129 pH/Conductivity/TDS
    The HI 98129 measures pH, electro-conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and temperature in a single portable, waterproof meter, The meter features a large LCD screen, au...
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  • RO-5M Undercounter 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water
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  • Richelieu (T5) Fluorescent Replacement Bulb
    You have just found the best priced (T5) Fluorescent Replacement Bulb on the internet, Check out this (T5) Fluorescent Replacement Bulb today! You will not find quality and prices ...
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  • Hydrofarm HX66640 250-Watt Eye Hortilux Super
    Hydrofarm hx66640 250-watt eye hortilux super hps spectrum grow bulb......
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  • Canna Boost - 250 mL
    FULLER, HARDER FRUITS CANNABOOST is CANNA’s powerful flowering stimulator, Specially developed for fast growing plants, it improves quality and increases yields, CANNABOOST stimu...
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  • Vortex Fan, 5 inch, 204 CFM
    Vortex Powerfans are high performance inline duct blowers constructed from quality steel with heavy duty attractive hammertone powdered coat finish, The extended collar allows for ...
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  • LED Wholesalers GYO1008 76-Inch x 48-Inch x 48-Inch
    4x4-Foot Mylar HYDROPONIC GROW TENT 48x48x76 HYDRO BOX HUT Product Code : GYO1008 Take total control of your plant-Foot s environment all year round with this jumble, free-standin...
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  • 1000w HPS Ultra Sun Bulb - High Pressure Sodium
    140,000 lumens! These high-output super HPS lamps are specifically engineered for plant growth, Their spectrum and output rival lamps that are three times the price, One year warra...
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  • LED Wholesalers GYO1012 120-Inch x 78-Inch x
    Product Code : GYO1012 Take total control of your plant-Foot s environment all year round with this compact, free-standing grow tent, With an assembled footprint of approx, 5-Foot...
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