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  • Coco GardenccF105 105-Gram Compressed Coco Fiber
    CGCCF105 Coco Garden Coco Fiber is a 100-Percent natural eco-friendly alternative to peat based potting mixes, Peat moss is extracted from peat bogs that take thousands of years t...
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  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Controller Kit
    The WaterFarm 8-pack is eight WaterFarm module units connected to one Controller : and integrated 13 gallon reservoir and an 8 gallon controller unit, The Controller will keep eac...
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  • Happy Frog Organic Potting Soil 2cf
    Perfect for houseplants and container gardens inside and out, Fox Farm’s Happy Frog Potting Soil creates an ideal root-zone environment and promotes phenomenal growth rates, This...
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  • Vortex Fan V-Series 2050 CFM 12 inch
    Vortex Powerfans are high performance inline duct blowers constructed from quality steel with heavy duty attractive hammertone powdered coat finish, The extended collar allows for ...
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  • Canna TERRA Flores (Flowering) - 1L
    Dutch solution for growth and bloom For cultivating in soil in containers or in the ground For cultivation in soil in pots and in the ground High yields User-friendly Complete solu...
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  • Hortilux Eye 600W Watt Super HPS Bulb Grow Lamp
    Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum grow lamps fine-tune your lighting system to provide optimum spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth, The EYE Super HPS EN Gr...
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  • Sea of Green: The Perpetual Harvest
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  • Ten 1 Gallon Gardening Grow Bag Pot Hps Hydroponics
    Sunleaves Black and White Poly Grow Bags are black on the inside and white on the outside to reflect light back to the plants while maintaining healthy root temperatures, These bag...
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  • Scotts Organic Group 72440570-RDC03 "Hyponex"
    "HYPONEX" POTTING SOIL Size : 40 Lbs, Especially formulated blend of canadian sphagnum peat moss, compost, native humus, perlite & sand, A natural, fertile potting soil, pallet...
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  • Spinosad Garden Insect Spray 32 oz. by Monterey
    Description : Spinosad is a relatively new insect killer that was discovered from soil in an abandoned rum distillery in 1982, Produced by fermentation, Spinosad can be used on ...
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  • Bluelab pH Meter with Probe
    Portable, easy-to-use pH meter that accurately measures pH anytime, anywhere to help you maintain optimum levels and improve plant development, Main Features ?Quality pH probe i...
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  • Final Phase Flushing Solution - 4 Liter
    Final Phase is scientifically designed to assist in the flushing of accumulated nutrients in flowers and leaves, In various herb crops where taste and texture is important, Final P...
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  • Sharp pH Tester
    This hand-held pH test is light, easy to use and very accurate,......
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  • General Hydroponics GH1514 pH Control Kit
    Hydrofarm gh1514 ph control kit......
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  • Oakton 35423-10 pH Tester EcoTestr pH 2
    The Oakton 35423-10 EcoTestr pH 2 is a handheld, waterproof, and dustproof pocket meter that measures pH and floats, if dropped in liquid, A portable pocket meter is commonly used ...
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  • Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid - 4 liters
    For over 80 years Grandma Enggy's family has used their own special Humic Acid, This Extra Pure Humic Acid recipe has been one of the family's most guarded secrets for growing awar...
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  • Earth Worth 32"X32"X63" Mylar Hydro Shanty Hydroponics
    What makes the Earth Worth Hydro Shanty EW-32 so special? Quality and Performance! Earth Worth supplies only the highest quality hydroponic tents and shanty's, Our systems are fou...
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  • Solar Cool Reflector Fan Kit
    Let your reflector shoulder some of the workload with the Sola Cool Solar Powered Fan, The easy-to-install Sola Cool kit works with Hydrofarm's XtraSun 6 Air Cooled reflector, and ...
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  • 1000w Switchable Ballast Harvest Pro Elite Sun
    Exclusive, two part ballast enclosure is the coolest running light system in the industry, The ballast core is in one compartment while the capacitor & ignitor are in the other, Th...
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  • LED Wholesalers 2501W+B Blue/White 225 LED 13.8
    50% Blue + 50% WHITE 225 LED Aquarium and Grow Light Panel PRODUCT INFORMATION DESCRIPTION : Quality built 50% Blue + 50% White 225 LED Aquarium and Grow Light Panel This 12 by 12 ...
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  • Flora Series Flora Bloom Gal. 0-5-4
    FLORABLOOM : Stimulates flower and fruit development, Enhances flavor, aroma, and essential oils, Provides high Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulfur,......
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  • Lasko 4924 Space-Saving High-Velocity 3-Speed
    Oscillating High Velocity Blower......
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  • New 36" X 20" X 62" Hydroponics Grow Tent Hydro
    Best Choice Products is very proud to introduce to our customer this BRAND NEW INNOVATION 36"(L)x 20"(W) x 62"(H) HYDROPONICS GROWING TENT, Our grow tent helps you achieves the ver...
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  • LED Wholesalers 2501BU Blue 225 LED 13.8 Watt
    BENEFITS : This panel has no ballasts to burn out like other plant lights, It runs at a warm temperature rather than very hot which is common with most other inefficient plant lig...
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  • Sunshine Systems SSLGP198567 45WT LED Grow Light
    Rivals 250 Watt Metal Halide/HPS Full Spectrum Growth Lite 5 Square Feet Of Coverage GlowPanel 45® - More than 4x as powerful than the original GlowPanel®, the GlowPanel® 45 L...
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  • LED Wholesalers GYO1001 62-Inch x 36-Inch x 20-Inch
    Take total control of your plant-Foot s environment all year round with this compact, free-standing grow tent, With an assembled footprint of just 90cm x 50cm (36-Inch x 20-Inch ),...
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  • LED Wholesalers GYO1008 76-Inch x 48-Inch x 48-Inch
    4x4-Foot Mylar HYDROPONIC GROW TENT 48x48x76 HYDRO BOX HUT Product Code : GYO1008 Take total control of your plant-Foot s environment all year round with this jumble, free-standin...
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  • Safer Brand 5460 3-in-1 24-Ounce Concentrate
    The Safer Brand 3-in-1 Ready-to-Use Garden Spray works as a fungicide, an insecticide, and a miticide with it's unique formulation combining effectiveness of insecticidal soap with...
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  • Zoo Med Coral Flora Sun Plant Growth Bulb T8
    This high intensity lamp with peak emissions in the blue and red regions serves to maximize the photo biological processes in plants, The emission spectrum closely resembles the ab...
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  • Organic Gardening: Tips For Every Season Of The
    Amazon Best Seller : OrganicBook DescriptionOrganic Gardening : Tips For Every Season Of The Year is a quick guide to help prospective organic gardeners set up and maintain your ...
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  • 2011 Organic Medical Marijuana Calendar and Lunar
    Full of delicious buds and ancient wisdom, the Roots & Harmony Calendar and Lunar Growing Guide will be your tireless resource for how and when to cultivate your crop, New format ...
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  • Intermatic EJ351C 120 Volt 24-Hour Programmable
    Programmable 24-hour security timer for wall light, This programmable security timer replaces any standard wall light switch and can handle up to 24 settings per day, The random se...
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